Authors Guidline

Authors guideline


Authors should follow the sample abstract given bellow for preparing abstract



Title of your abstract (Times New Roman 14pt, bold)


Author 1 a, Author 2 b, Author 3 c, Author 4 a, Author 5 c, … (Times New Roman 10pt )

(underlinedauthor = presenting author)

a Institute 1, City, Postal code, Country (Times New Roman 10pt)

b Institute 2, City, Postal code, Country

c Institute 3, City, Postal code, Country

e-mail: xxx@xxx.xx.xx 
(e-mail of corresponding author; not necessarily the first author or the presenting author)


Keywords:  (Times New Roman 10pt , one line only)                       


Abstract Text (Times New Roman 11pt, single spacing, limit to 500 words only)


Each abstract must state clearly:

Background: The context and purpose of the study.

Methods: How the study was performed and statistical tests used.

Results: The main findings in summary form and with enough data should be provided to permit evaluation by reviewers.

Conclusion: Summarize the findings and the conclusion should be your results driven. It is unacceptable to use statements such as "the results will be discussed".


Proof Your Abstract before submitting

  •  Proof your abstract before submitting it!
  • Check your abstract length.
  • Check the spelling of everyone's name.
  • Make edits before starting the process.